Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Open-Ended Robotics Projects

Open-Ended Robotics Projects

Using robotics as a tool to solve problems and learn by trial and error is a lofty goal. However, well crafted design projects should allow students to accomplish these goals in addition to fostering  creativity and innovative.  If we are to allow students to do this, then we will need to establish projects that relate to real world problems.  

One such example of this is the Grade 9 UN Robotics project.  In this scenario, students will create a working robot that must demonstrate a service or prepare a product that would be considered helping humans as it pertains to one of the United Nations Millennium Development goals.  The United Nations has established 17 development goals which can be found here, http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/# 

The student task is to think of a challenge that your robot might complete related to one of the 17 millennium development goals, some example might be:

a. Peace Keeping (example of a Challenge-retrieve and defuse a bomb)
b. Food Aid (example of a Challenge: deliver a food package across a area littered with landmines and hostile territory)
c. Environmental Aid- (example of a challenge-build a robot that can recognize and clean up recyclable materials in a developing country)

This video provides some examples of student designed robots related to the UN Robotic project.

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