Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facilitating Inquiry Through Google Street View

I remember my schooling days, filled with worksheets and memorization.  This funny video clip from a Saturday Nigh Live Episode captures what my schooling experience was like;

Thankfully, k-12 schools today are putting a greater emphasis on transferable skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and problem solving. I recently read a book called, Curriculum 21, edited by Heidi Hayes Jacobs.  The book talks about 21st century learning and what that might look like in schools. Each chapter is writing by a different author, however the theme is the same.  The book challenges educators to enable students to enhance learning beyond the walls of the school through the use of technology.

One way I get my students to question and think beyond the walls of the school without physically going there is through the use of Google Street View.  Here is a screen cast of how Google Street View might be used.

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